How to copy the data from an index of 150 GB size to another

I have an index "Index A" of size 150+ GB, there are few fields which needs to be converted to NESTED and for few fields the type to be changed from "keyword" to "text" and vice versa.

I have created a new index "Index B" with the necessary types/changes, as I could not modify the existing index to have NESTED type as it has data.

Whenever I use "POST _reindex" its getting into "Time Out error" both with and without filter query, what is the process to copy the 150+ GB of data from Index A to Index B ?

Hi @Mohan91,

Welcome to the community! I can think of a couple of options:

  1. Triggering an async reindex as covered in the documentation here. Although with your volume I think batching might be a better idea.
  2. Using the slicing operator to split the reindexing into multiple slices, as covered here.

Hope that helps!