How to create a client with the protect of SearchGuard By Class RestHighLevelClient

Now, I use SearchGuard to secure my elasticsearch cluster.

And in the search-guard official website, I found the Transport Clients to create A client. But, due to the Elasticsearch official website's declare:

We plan on deprecating the TransportClient in Elasticsearch 7.0 and removing it completely in 8.0. Instead, you should be using the Java High Level REST Client, which executes HTTP requests rather than serialized Java requests.

So I prefer to use Class RestHighLevelClient to create the elasticsearch client!
But in this way, how could I write the code? Could someone provide the demo?


You might have better chances of getting a helpful answer if you post the question in an issue for the plugin developers on github

OK ,Fine , thanks for you advice!
I will go to do it.

Could Somebody have a good answer to me ?

I think you need to wait for an answer at:

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yeah~ this is also the question I raised in the github!
May be, as you said, I need to wait!
Always thank you.

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