How to create a custom named time based indexing using logstash?

Currently i am trying to create a time based indexing in an Elastic search using Logstash. I am trying to create a time based indexing.

I have come across and successfully tried the following output mechanism in Logstash config file

output {
  elasticsearch {
    hosts => [""]

    index => "logstash-%{+xxxx.ww}"

This is working fine But the name is required to be "logstash". I need to give it some custom name other than logstash. Can you please suggest something. Thanks again

You can all it anything you want. You can even use a field value as the prefix if the events come from mixed sources and some field identifies the source (or via the translate filter, you add a field that is the source identifier)
index => "%{[index-source]}-%{+xxxx.ww}"

Adjust the index expectations in Kibana as well

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