How to create a logstash pipeline to create json type log

i been told that, by using logstash pipeline i can re-create a log format(i.e JSON) when entering into elasticsearch. but not understanding how to do it .
i.e the original log file is like this

"message": "21:33:42,004 DEBUG [LOG] (default-threads - 100) (>[TIMESTAMP:Sat Sep 07 21:33:42 UTC 2019],[TEST:123456],[CMD:INFO],[STATUS:true],[INFO:true],[SIGNAL:false],[ABC:0],[DEF:0],[GHK:1111],[SERIAL:0006]"

but when entering into Elastic search i want to have it like JSON format

"message": {
"TIMESTAMP": "Sat Sep 07 21:33:42 UTC 2019",
"TEST": "123456",

Can this be done ? if yes how ?

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