How to create a Pareto chart


I am new to Kibana and I am trying to create a pareto chart. However I wasn't able to tell Kibana to use the absolute value of my filter on the left axis and its percent on the right axis. Is there a way to do this, or will I have to create a plugin to support this kind of chart?


I gave it a try and wasn't able to get all the way. The combination of percents and counts with bars and a line means multiple queries and I'm not sure the visual builders in kibana will have the right combination.

I tried with a terms agg on my field, which gave us the frequency but adding a cumulative sum agg in kibana needs a histogram aggregation which means we can't sort the bars in descending order.

I think your best bet for exactly a pareto chart is a plugin. An alternative may be to look into using multiple charts instead.

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