How to create aggregated test reports from Cucumber JSON files

I am pretty new to this, I have got Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana installed and running successfully.

My requirement is, I have a test report generated by Cucumber in JSON format for each run.
I want to create aggregated test reports (graphs and charts) from Cucumber JSON file, something like

I need the exact steps in order to create some sample basic report. Here is the JSON test data.

Here is the JSON file on my Gdrive.

I don't see the relationship between Elasticsearch and Cucumber... Is there any?
May be something to ask to Cucumber project?

Correct. But I want to import the Cucumber JSON file into Elasticsearch and create the aggregated test reports in Kibana.

So, I finally wrote a Maven plugin in Java to read the Test Results at Feature, Scenario and Steps level and publish the JSON documents into Elastic Search.

You can write your own scripts to read JSON and send curl commands to elasticsearch to index in it.
You can use Logstash may be as well.
FSCrawler project has an option to send also JSON documents from a folder to Elasticsearch. See

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