How to create custom document _id in logstash?

(Roshni Kasliwal) #1

This is sample logstash output filter.

        hosts => ["localhost"]
        sniffing => true
        manage_template => false
        index => "mqtt-index-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
        document_id => "%{parsedMessage.device_id}"
        document_type => "iot_data"

This code changes existing _id as %{parsedMessage.device_id} as it is. How to change _id by another field?

(Teddy) #2

you can replace "parsedMessage.device_id" in document_id => "%{parsedMessage.device_id}"
by any other field you like.

(Roshni Kasliwal) #3

thank you devil_srj7......i got it, but the point is that it takes this string as it is as _id like,

_id = %{parsedMessage.device_id}

(Magnus Bäck) #4

See for the syntax of nested fields.

(Roshni Kasliwal) #5

Thank you magnusbaeck. But, this is not nested field. The field name itself is parsedMessage.device_id

(Magnus Bäck) #6

Replace the elasticsearch output with a stdout { codec => rubydebug } output and show an example event produced by Logstash.

(Roshni Kasliwal) #7

issue solved

(system) #8

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