How to create index name with date and incremental Number

Greetings ..!
I want to create index from Logstash. The index name should be (index_name-2022-05-30-001).
And I set a limit to index is 1.5gb, when it exceeds in the same day, the newly created index name should be index_name-2022-05-30-002.. When a next day comes in the index name should be index_name-2022-05-31-001. I Mean to say when a new day comes, the index name should be new date and last 3 digits should come back to 001
Kindly help me on this. Thanks in advance

I do not think ILM supports this type of daily files with a sequence number per day. When you use rollover there is generally a monotonically increasing sequence number.

That is correct. The date in an ILM managed index is the date that the policy was first enacted.

Thanks a lot for your quick response Christian and warkolm

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