How to create Location object in Groovy/Java

I am getting latitude and longitude values from a rest API and i want to create a location object in groovy/java(may be using double arrays) and store it to Elasticsearch with other parameters. I know how to do this through logstash and wondering how to achieve it from groovy/java..

how to created the below object using groovy/java.
"location": {
"lat": "50.68262437",
"lon": "7.5592885"

Thanks in advance!!

Just create a Groovy map. It'll be serialized to a JSON object with lat and lon properties.

def location = [
  lat: "50.68262437",
  lon: "7.5592885"

(Although I suspect the lat/lon values should be floating point values and not strings.)

Thanks Mangus,

I got it, it was not as difficult as i thought.

here is my experience
2 things to take care.

  1. in My Java class I have created a GeoPoint object like this..

GeoPoint location = new GeoPoint(lat,lon)

// latitude(lat) and longitude(long) values are double values.

  1. Map the location object as below in Elasticsearch
    "mappings": {
    "properties": {
    "location": {
    "type": "geo_point"