How to create Pivot table in Kibana 7.16.2

Hi, I need an help. I have a json like:

{"name": "Albert", "year": 1980, "class": "B"},
{"name": "John", "year": 1990, "class": "C"},
{"name": "Lerry", "year": 1990, "class": "C"},
{"name": "Joe", "year": 1980, "class": "A"},
{"name": "Kevin", "year": 1990, "class": "D"},
{"name": "Dude", "year": 1980, "class": "A"},

The years and class values could changes.

I would like to display them in a pivot table with 3 columns: "Class", "Year(1)", "Year(2)"...

Do you know how I could create a pivot table? I try with "enhanced table" plugin but this is not available for Kibana 7.16.2

Thanks in advance

You should move this to the kibana forum.

It's in Elastic Stack > Kibana. I'm in wrong?

At the time I posted it was in the logstash forum. I would never have seen it if it were in the kibana forum as it is now.

Well :slight_smile: thanks in any case

Have you tried a table in

I'm still not exactly sure what your table looks like from your example.

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