How to create rule when monitor is up in UPTIME?

I was exploring the alerting capabilities in ELK, found a way to trigger alerts when any monitor is down in Uptime App.
I also want to trigger alerts when the downed service has come back up again but I'm not able create any rule for when service is up.
Can anyone please help?

Actions added to rules are organized by "action group" - most rules only have one action group, and this is used as the default when creating a rule. This is shown in the web page as "Run when".
For instance, I believe the Uptime monitor status rule uses "Uptime Down Monitor" as it's action group.

All rules also have an action group "Recovered", which can be used for actions to be run when the alert is no longer active. So, you'll want to add an additional action, and then make sure it's in the "Recovered" action group by selecting that in the Run When selector.

Some doc here: Create and manage rules | Kibana Guide [8.1] | Elastic

One send-ahead: currently the "Recovered" Action group will not sent any of the context.* mustache variables, but the mustache variables that don't start with context.* will be available.

I added the action and selected run when as recovered in the same rule, but again I did not get any alerts when the monitor came back online again.

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