How to create table with a term and percentage value from boolean property

Hi Guys,

I have been going round and round for days with this one and seem to hit a dead end no matter what I try. I keep pushing because I have a feeling it should be fairly easy, but alas I cannot find how to do it. Please help me.

I send an object containing multiple properties. One of the properties are $event.AssignedUser as well as a boolean of $event.LCSTimeSelected indicating whether or not the user selected a suggested time when booking a fitment. This is object is created every time a user books a claim for a fitment on our system.

I would like to build a grid displaying individual users names, the count of claims they personally booked, and the percentage of times the used the suggested time vs how often the did not probably something like $event.LCSTimeSelected:true / sum of all claims, that the individual booked for the day

Your help is very much appreciated.

What you're really wanting to do is a bucket script, which isn't currently supported in Kibana, but has been requested for quite a long time [1]. Please add your support in the issue linked.

Alternatively, you could use Canvas to accomplish what you want via an expression. If you'd like more information on accomplishing this, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

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