How to deal with non-auto generated ids while index

Hi, I read the elastic documents and saw there I should use auto-generated ids to speed up the search index but because of my data model & query model I cant use auto-generated ids and so after indexing a million documents the indexing latency became more & more, now I want to know how can I deal with this & change other configs & made other improvements to speed up my index while I use non-auto generated ids for my documents
any idea?

Make sure you are using fast storage, e.g. local SSDs.

actually, we use HDDs and we know that's too bad, but right now we cant upgrade our system but I want to know can I increase refresh interval to improve index latency?
does it help my problem?

Make sure you are using a suitable batch size and try increasing the refresh interval. As long as it is not the search activity related to checking if document already exists that is limiting performance it may help.

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