How to define field's name later?

I receive strings like this : "type|v1|v2|v3|v4|..."
I split this one according the "|" and I insert in an index "index_{type}" a document with fields named "v1" : {v1}, "v2" : {v2}, etc.
Later (days, weeks...), labels v1, v2, v3, v4 are known, for example as, "cpu_pct","mem_pct","dsk_occ", etc. and I want that "v1" becomes "cpu_pct", "v2" becomes "mem_pct", etc.
What I want is to replace former / generic label "v1", "v2", ... by the new one...
I know it is possible but it implies a reindexation ; so do you have any suggestion to make it in the best away possible ?

Fields are defined at index time. There is no such thing as renaming a field. The only way is to reindex.

Thank you. That is what i was thinking, but I hoped there was a trick to make it :slight_smile:
For example, the index-alias function is very interesting and I was wondering if there is a way to alias a field as well (that doesn't exist as a built-in function but maybe it is possible to achieve this throught another way...).

There are field aliases coming in later versions/

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