How to define order of stacked values in TSVB?


I've setup a new dev system of elastic stack. Currently Version 7.5.1. I imported a space and it's saved object from previous kibana version 7.4.2.

When I open the dashboard TSVB looks different. the order of the stacked graphs differ from the 7.4.2.

In 7.4.2 The order of the showed graphs was like defined (order of the data graphs) and equal to the order in the legend. Meaning: top: available (red line), middle: free (lightGray Area), buttom: used (green area).

But in 7.5.2. I have used graph in the middle and free on the buttom. I need the old order back. What can I do?

When I disable free and enable it again, the order is correct. If I save and load again the order is wrong again.

Thanks, Andreas

Hi Asp!

Did some research and it sounds like a known issue, can you confirm?

Many thx and all the best,

not sure if it is completely the same

could you provide 2 screenshots, 7.4.2 vs 7.5.1, many thanks!

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