How to delete elasticsearch data which is older than 90 days from a static Index

Hi Experts,

I have one static Index(I mean I do not create index every day) , but data is keep on coming on daily basis . My requirement is to delete old data from this single index to make more disk space .

I found ES Curator is the solution , but I am afraid of using it , as document says it is only best fit to delete an indices older than mentioned time frame, so as per my understanding if I use curator it will delete my overall index rather just old data sorry if I misunderstood it , please correct me.

So if not curator what other option I have ?


You can use the delete by query API (which is provided via a plugin as of ES 2.0), but you really really shouldn't. For time-series data the best option is to use time-series indexes.


So Curator is not an option for me ? actually i am on ES 1.7.1.

I don't think Curator supports the delete by query API. If it does you should be okay.

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Curator does not support DQB.

You are much better off moving to time based indices.

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Hmmmm, what about TTL ?

Possible but also a bad idea (and deprecated since ES 2.0). Deleting documents from big shards (regardless of whether via TTL or other method of deleting documents) is expensive.

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