How to delete index before 5 days without curator

How to delete index before 5 days without curator

you could specify the indices using index date math, but you still need to ensure that you sent this request at certain times.

Note, that there will be a feature named Index Lifecycle Management coming up in one of the next releases, that will help you with this requirement.

still i am not getting ..My index name is beat-index how to delete this index before 2 days..can u pls help me curl for the same

I am a bit confused. What is the index lifecycle you are looking for? Can you describe the expected behaviour? Exactly when do you want to delete it? Are you using time-based indices?

yes I am using time based indices..and I need index lifecyle for 2 days..beyond 2 days it should get removed ..

Then you will need a process or cron job that periodically determines the name of the index to be deleted and calls the API to perform the delete, just as Alexander described. This is what Curator does.

yes i understood..can i get command for delete not for periodically..may be i ll execute through Dev tools in kibana delete 2 days old indices..??

Use the delete index API.

Delete index will delete the full index. Am i right?

But i need to use the same delete index to delete indices before 2 days.

It will delete the index you specify it should delete. When using time-based indices the general principle is that complete indices are deleted as this is far more efficient than deleting documents from within an index using the delete by query API.

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