How to delete index having special characters in name?

By mistake I have created some indices with special characters in name like "log-%{[message][meta][organization]}-%{[message][proxy][name]}-2020.02.27".
I tried to delete this index but getting index_not_found_exception.
Please provide me sample url to delete this type of index.

You will have to use an url encoder for the index name ( i had the same problem already).

than you can simply put that encoded string in your DELETE request e.g.

DELETE log-%25%7B%5Bmessage%5D%5Bmeta%5D%5Borganization%5D%7D-%25%7B%5Bmessage%5D%5Bproxy%5D%5Bname%5D%7D-2020.02.27
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