How to delete the record from elasticsearch if record has been deleted from source like oracle database

Hi guys

I am using logstash config file and get the data from oracle database .config detail given below . it works as expected but while I do delete the data from oracle database . but elasticsearch not deleting that record . i want remove that record if i have deleted record from oracle both should matched .

could me help me out.

jdbc {
#Path to download jdbc deriver and add in class path
jdbc_driver_library => "../jar/ojdbc6.jar"

ORACLE Driver Class

jdbc_driver_class => "Java::oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"

ORACLE database jdbc connection string , jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:PORT/SERVICE

jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:1521/service"
#The user and password to connect to database
jdbc_user => "username"
jdbc_password => "password"
#Use when need to read password from file
#jdbc_password_filepath => "/opt/app/password-path-location"
jdbc_paging_enabled => "true"
jdbc_page_size => "50000"
#Configure Cron to How frequent want execute query in database
schedule => "*/15 * * * *"
#Use below if query is big and want to store in separate file
#statement_filepath =>"../query/remedy-tickets-details.sql"
#Use for Inline query and if want to execute record after last run compare with value sql_last_value that can be numeric or timestamp
statement => "select defect_id,owned_by,severity,status,summary,application,created_by,creation_date,modified_by,modified_date,assigned_to from defect_detail where defect_id>:sql_last_value order by defect_id"
#Below is configuration when want to use last run value
use_column_value => true
tracking_column => defect_id
#Logstash by default consider last_sql_value as numeric if it's timestamp configure specifically as timestamp
#tracking_column_type => "timestamp"
record_last_run => true
#This file keep record of sql_last_value so that when next time query run can utilize last run values
last_run_metadata_path =>"logstash_jdbc_last_run_t_data.txt"
#Define type of data from database
type => "t-data"
#Configure Timestamp according to database location
#jdbc_default_timezone => "UTC"

#To map your creation_date column with elasticsearch @timestamp use below Date filter
convert => [ "creation_date", "string" ]
#Date pattern represent to date filter this creation_date is on format "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm"
#and from timezone America/New_York so that when store in elasticsearch in UTC will adjust accordingly

date {
match => ["creation_date","MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm"]
timezone => "America/New_York"
#output to elasticsearch
elasticsearch {
index => "defect-data-%{+YYYY.MM}"
hosts => ["elasticsearch-server:9200"]
document_type => "t-type"
#Use document_id in elasticsearch id you want to stop duplicate record in elasticsearch
document_id => "%{defect_id}"
#Output to console
stdout { codec => rubydebug}

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