How to deploy ECK to a custom namespace

Is it possible to deploy ECK to a different k8 namespace.

kubectl apply -f

So i would like to specify what k8 namespace ECK stack is deployed to

Hey @Kay_Khan, we're working on a tool to make that possible, but unfortunately it is not released yet, and there's no version compatible with release 1.1.2.

Do you want to have ECK manage resources across all namespaces and just modify the namespace ECK is deployed in?

I suggest you download then modify the content of to suit your needs, before applying the modified file.

In that file you can look for mentions of the elastic-system namespace, and replace it with your own namespace.

The namespace in which Elasticsearch, Kibana, etc. resources are deployed can be specified in their manifest directly:

kind: Elasticsearch
  name: quickstart
  namespace: my-namespace
  version: 7.8.0
  - name: default
    count: 1