Missing documentation for ECK stack in non-default namespace

I haven't found any documentation that states on how to run ECK stack on k8s with non-default namespace. Currently, Elasticsearch and kibana samples also provided with default namespace.

I tried to run ECK stack with non-default namespace, but it failed at different places and had to debug what the issue is. It would have been helpful if there is a documentation that can state what is needed to run ECK stack with non-default namespace.

Hey Sarjeet, do you mean you would like to see docs on to run the operator only in a specific namespace (rather than cluster-wide), and not in the default namespace?

@Anya_Sabo Not the operator, but the ElasticSearch and other CRs cluster. The operator is currently running in elastic-system which is fine but the elastic/kibana/apmserver doesn't provide any docs on running these with non-default namespace. Hope this clarify the question/request.

@Anya_Sabo For now, I reduced the custom CR to minimal configuration and able to deploy ES cluster with non-default namespace:

apiVersion: elasticsearch.k8s.elastic.co/v1alpha1
kind: Elasticsearch
  name: es-test
  namespace: elastic-test-ns

But, using the podTemplate, custom certificates, PVCs etc require these in same namespace as well. It would be helpful to have all references to use non-default namespace altogether to avoid hitting any weird issues.

Got it, thank you for clarifying. Per our offline discussion it may be worthwhile to be explicit about what namespace things are going in for the provided YAML and kubectl examples.