How to determine the number of nodes and the number of shards

I've Experimentally created data in Elasticsearch 2.3 on the local development environment.
I would like to deploy it in Elasticsearch 5.1 production environment.
How should the number of nodes and the number of shards (number_of_shards) be determined?

The data volume is as follows
Index size on development environment (elasticseach 2.3):
6,165 Mbyte
Documents :
5, 229, 516

I want to suppress the search speed to 200 ms or less.(for web response)
I rarely use full-text searches. Many of the search conditions are specified using term and range.

I am thinking about using thre nodes and no dedicated master node. Is it enough?
If there are guidelines for determining the number of nodes and the number of shards, please teach me.

プロダクション環境 Elasticsearch 5.1にデプロイしたいのですが、

開発環境(elasticseach2.3)上のインデックスサイズ 6,165Mb
ドキュメント数 5,229,516

全文検索をする検索はほとんどなく、term, rangeを使った条件指定の検索が多いです。


I would recommend having a look at this video about cluster sizing.

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