How to Disable allocation awareness attributes in indices level

When allocation-awareness set to zone. It make primary and replicas shard must split into different zone.
When we need make cluster how-warm or shrink , we need move all shards which is warm indices into one zone. but we get error. As explain:

"reason": NO(there are too many copies of the shard allocated to nodes with attribute [zone], there are [2] total configured shard copies for this shard id and [2] total attribute values, expected the allocated shard count per attribute [2] to be less than or equal to the upper bound of the required number of shards per attribute [1])

How to Disable allocation.awareness.attributes in indices level?

I check the code , i can only make allocation-awareness to EMPTY, but it is not a good idea.

Use shard allocation filtering for hot an warm zone assignment, not shard allocation awareness.

Thanks for replying.
Shard allocation filtering can be a indices level, but shard allocation awareness is cluster level.
But how to make some indices use allocation awareness

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