How to disable login page for oss Kibana-7.2.1

Hi, we are using oss Kibana 7.2.1 ( docker image for connecting to Elastic search which is having username and password Authentication and it is working by pulling username,password,es_hosts from environment variables.

But the problem here is when any user is trying to access Kibana dashboard it is asking for sign username and password, which we would like to disable. is there any property to disable this functionality ?

Thanks in advance

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There is no auth aspects in the OSS builds, so it's surprising you are seeing this at all. Can you show us a screenshot of what you are seeing when it asks for auth?

Thanks for the reply @warkolm, please see the attached image

Ok, that's what I figured. This is Elasticsearch wanting to still authenticate your connection, you cannot get around that unless you disable authentication entirely.

Thanks again @warkolm but if i download the Kibana for macos from here and pass the username,password and es_hosts in kibana.yml and if start the Kibana with command, it's not asking any sign in, Hey @warkolm can you correct if i'm wrong or if i'm missing something

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