How to disable or enable a document when do knn search

Hello, in my index, there are certain documents that I want to disable or hide during a k-nearest neighbors (KNN) search. However, there may be situations where I need to enable or reveal these documents. How can I do this?

Hello @r1ckC139,

When talking about disabling some documents, are you referring to restricting the search? If so, you can consider performing a filtered kNN search. The search will return the top k documents that also match the filter query. In situations that you don’t need it you would simply not perform a filtered search.

Hi there, if i have some documents are not ready to search (no vector-embedding field yet), how can i ignore these documents ?


you can use a filtered search to ignore these documents.

You can add a filter to your k-nearest neighbors (KNN) search query to only include documents where the vector-embedding field exists.


I have tried and found that, documents without embedding fields will be automatically ignored by Elasticsearch.

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