How to disable RollUp jobs and License Management section in Kibana UI(managament section)


Need help in disabling roll up jobs and license management section in Kibana UI


technically, admins can disable those plugins entirely via xpack.rollup.enabled: false and xpack.license_management.enabled: false in the settings - kibana.yml, however this removes these plugins from the bundle, so it will disable all rollup related functionality including the ability to search and visualize rollup data, and disabling license management may really screw things up.

You can give this a try and let us know if you achieved what you wanted.


if you want to disable this for particular user space. you have to upgrade to 7.2
version 7.2 has contorl over what you assign to each user_space.

This will keep this enable for default but you can take access away for particular space

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