How to disable _source from dsl when creating mappings

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I can't find how should I proceed to disable _source field when using the Python elasticsearch-dsl API.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I answer my self:

You can dynamically create a DocType class to support the elasticsearch-dsl methods, like this.
With dicc being a dictionary with the types, like:

    es = Elasticsearch()
    dicc = {'date': Date(), 'age': Integer(), 'location': GeoPoint(), 'ip': Ip(), 'name': Keyword(), 'comments': Text()}

	if args.no_source: #to disable _source field
		dicc[doc_type] = {'_source' : {'enabled' : False}}

	if args.no_all: #to disable _all field
		dicc[doc_type] = {'_all' : {'enabled' : False}}		
	DocClass = type(doc_type, (DocType,), dicc)
	DocClass.init(index='indexname', using=es)

And it works ! :blush:

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