How to display array of object as JSON respose in kibana


I am using FileBeat to collect logs , the logs are sent to logstash and I am visualization it on kibana and i have given a one log entries below;

2018-07-19 17:51:06 INFO DayBookController:304 - [{"id":2,"firstName":"Vishallly","lastName":"kumar","friendlyName":"Vishalllyk","phoneNumber":"1123456789"}]

But this all field i am not able to get it as message fields are visible in the UTF format.

I will be pleased if anyone help me to resolve this issue.

We'll need to get this formatted properly before ingesting into elasticsearch, so likely something in our logstash config.

Can you share which filters you're using with logstash? You should be able to do this with a combo of a grok filter and json filter

Hii Jon,

How do i filter it with a combo of grok filter and json filter.If you could have a look to my configuration and give me the feedback.

It looks like we have a grok filter ready so we can add in the JSON filter under it. The JSON is assigned to the line field. Under the grok filter we would add:

filter {
  json {
    source => "line"

I have added the json filter but i am n't able to get as fields and value.As you can see in the log file i have configured Log level as INfO and then the message column.But still the same I guess issue is only with json response.

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