How to display count of all attributes in Kibana visualization

My data has about 50 different attributes. I have created a dashboard in Kibana to display value distributions of some of these attributes based on the date filter at the top. I want to create one more visualization to show the count of data per attribute in a given time range. Currently, I can only select a particular attribute and perform operations on it. How can I select all the attributes from Terms for my visualization?

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Can you show us an example of your document/event?

I want to select all of these Terms for my visualization.

if you want to report in a way that combines all of these fields you could try a runtime field that emits them all like...

emit(doc['domainAttributes.field1'].value + ' - ' + doc['domainAttributes.field2'].value + ' - ' + etc...);

not 100% sure what you're looking for though. a few more details about the visualization you're trying to build would help!

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Hi Graham, thanks for replying. I am building a dashboard in Kibana where there is a top level time filter. When we select a time filter, the dashboard is updated and all the visualizations show data based on that time filter. I have more than 50 different attributes in my data. I have built visualizations for some of these attributes using aggregate functions. I want to create a new visualization (maybe like a table or dropdown) which can display the attributes for which data is flowing in the time range we select in the filter. Currently, when I am trying to build a visualization, as shown in the above screenshot, I can only select one value from Terms. I want to be able to have the entire Terms available at output and display all attributes as output of the visualization. Let me know if that helps.

So you want to see top values by all fields' terms? Not sure Kibana can do that with the editors we have. you could try to write a custom visualization in vega (where you control the fetching and mapping of the results into a vega visualization). If i'm understanding what you're trying to do (which I might not :sweat_smile: ), i'd build a dashboard with various sections displaying the 50 fields on different panels so a user can tell what field they're looking at. you can fit quite a few panels on at once.

sorry I don't have any other ideas

Thanks for the answer. Yes I thought so too that it was a Kibana limitation but still wanted to try my luck. Thanks.

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