‏how to display the documents of an index in kibana 7.5?

‏how to list the contents and view the documents of an index in kibana 7.5, using index management or api?


you can use the Discover feature in Kibana to view the documents or if you want to use the Elasticsearch API to list the documents in an index, you can use the Search API.

GET /your_index_name/_search
  "query": {
    "match_all": {}


Will this command list the docs json contents?

yes, the command provided will list the JSON contents of the documents in the specified index. The GET /your_index_name/_search API call retrieves documents that meet a certain condition, in this case, the match_all query is used

‏that command only display ‏the fields of the index . What i need is the contents of the index records.

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