How to Display Total Sum of counts available on Table visualisation?

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I have a use case where I need to display the sum of counts available on the table.


  1. Customer A bought 10 Apples
  2. Customer B bought 11 Apples
    I can have the above details on a table by customer wise and their respective counts BUT I want to show the Total Number of customers we have and Total Number of Apples they bought.
    Please help me if there is a way!


Hi @vaseemQA ,

the table visualization has an option "Show total" in the options tab which adds an additional row with all the values of all rows summed up. Note however that this will only sum up the values shown in table, not the overall value for all documents - e.g. if you only show the top 10 customers, then the total will only be calculated for these top 10 customers.

If this is not what you want, I suggest splitting up the things you want to show into multiple visualizations. Keep the table as is and add a metric aggregation showing sum of apples and unique count of customer names. Then put both visualizations on a dashboard next to each other.

Example (substitute ip with customer name and bytes with apples)

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Hey @flash1293,

Thanks for the solution, it works for me.

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