How to do join field/routing in bigquery to elasticsearch dataflow template?


I am using the dataflow template provided by google for importing data from BigQuery to Elasticsearch. see here

We managed to get the thing working (sans API key. adding basic auth overwrites the need for it), and started to import data into existing Elasticsearch indices.

However, one of the indices has a join field, and in order to add child documents, we need to set its parent in the join field as well as routing. The join field itself is fine as we can mimic it through record type in BigQuery, but we are not sure how to add routing as it is usually included in the URL.

looking at the code, there are some parts that reference routing but I'm not sure how to use/activate it from the gcp console interface.

Any help regarding the dataflow template or how it could work in dataflow is appreciated.

Thank you

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