How to drill from one visualization to another

Hi Kibana Experts,

I was wondering if this is possible in Kibana 4. I want to drill form one visualization to another . Something like if I click on overall count of events it will open detail of all those events and then if I click on any event it will further open detail for that particular event only . So basically a token concept, token value should pass to the next visualization.

Another example .

I have logs from arcSight , so I have base and correlated events .Now I want to drill base to correlated or Vise versa .

Please let me know how I can achieve this .


This is not possible in Kibana, but seems like an interesting idea.

Please feel free to add an issue in Github for it:

Thank you Tanya

I have added a new case to Github ( lets see what I can get in response from the experts/developers.