How to embedded kibana dashboard in IOS mobile



How we create a dashboard in Mobile layout in kibana , it have only desktop layout.

can u please provide some suggestions to create a dashboard in mobile layout.

and how to embedded the kibana dashboard in IOS

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Hey @Nethaji, Kibana does it's best to be "responsive" but it isn't optimized for mobile by any stretch of the imagination. Additionally, if you're looking to embed Kibana in a native iOS application, there isn't a great way at the moment. You could potentially play around with using a WebView to render the equivalent of an iframe, but I haven't tried to do so myself to know how successful this effort will be.


Thank you for your reply.

I hope it may be working,

In kibana we have only Desktop layout, it's possible to create a dashboard for mobile layout?


Actually i want to embed the dashboard in mobile application

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There isn't a way to do different layouts for mobile vs desktop on the same Dashboard.


Thank you for reply,

Is there any alternate option available to create a dashboard for mobile layout in kibana?

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Hey @Nethaji, I'm not aware of any, perhaps other community members will have some alternatives.


Thank you

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