How to enable Elastic APM for c# console application

How can we use elastic APM for the C# console application, for ast .net core we can do it using ```
app.UseAllElasticApm(Configuration) but for console app we cant access app instance .

Have you seen the profilter auto instrumentation? See Profiler Auto instrumentation | APM .NET Agent Reference [1.12] | Elastic

I am using .net Core Console application and tried this but I cant find any tracing after applying suggested changes like below ..

  1. Download the elastic_apm_profiler_<version>.zip file from the Releases page of the .NET APM Agent GitHub repository, where <version> is the version number to download. You can find the file under Assets.
  2. Unzip the zip file into a folder on the host that is hosting the application to instrument.
  3. Configure the following environment variables
    set CORECLR_PROFILER = "{FA65FE15-F085-4681-9B20-95E04F6C03CC}"
    set CORECLR_PROFILER_PATH = "\elastic_apm_profiler.dll"
    set ELASTIC_APM_PROFILER_INTEGRATIONS = "\integrations.yml"

@spinscale can u help on this?

Hi @Sachin_Agarwal2

for a console app, the best way to go will be to use manual code instrumentation. So you won't be able to just add the agent with a single line and see transactions automatically. This is because it's hard to automatically know what a transaction is in a console app - in a web app it's very well defined: it's a web request, but a console app can do anything, so the agent won't start a transaction automatically.

Here is the documentation on how the public API of the agent works. With that you can start your transactions and capture spans manually.

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