How to enable kibana for Keep-alive to speed up bulk delete (saved objects requests)

I am using Kibana (v 6.7) Delete saved objects api to do batch deletion of multiple types (i.e. visualizations,dashboards, index-patterns).

I am using python requests library which uses urllib3.

It's taking around 1 sec for a single request and lot of time is spent in resetting the connection even though I am using keep-alive but after going through urllib3 logs, I found out connection is closed after every request.

I am already aware that with concurrency I can speed up bulk requests but still connection:close will remain as a bottleneck.

I want to know is connection:close is enforced by kibana? If so, What's the workaround to enable keep-alive in kibana?

Can you make sure your request from urllib3 uses keep alive (i think that by default it doesn't)? That should work with Kibana, because I doubt we force connection:close.

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