How to enable multicast discovery with the plugin in ES2.1.0


can someone share the commands needed to use this plugin i can install the plugin fine but how to i tell what ip etc for the plugin to utilize?

i gotten everything working by editing the elasticsearch.yml file i.e "the old fashioned way" but i'd like my cluster to be setup as ES 2.1.0 compliant as possible

If you want to set an IP then you don't need this plugin.
It means you want to use unicast instead of multicast, right?

What were your settings prior to 2.x?

sorry for asking questions like a drunken sailor.

I've prior to ES2.0 been running a single instance with the entire ELK stack, but we want to move it to a production level setup

if i configure the cluster using the "old" way of enabling and addin ip's in the elasticsearch.yml file it works fine.

basically i want to create a cluter setup up in the way that recommeds doing it when using ES2.0. My understanding is here that recommends using the plugin.

weather this means uni cast or mulitcast I don't know what ever is considered good practise when deploying ES2.0 in a production environment.

thanks for the quick reply.

I don't know where you read that the recommended way is by using the multicast plugin.
That's totally wrong.
That's the reason we moved it as a plugin as we don't want that people use that by default. It's so unsecure.

So Unicast is the way the go.