How to enable Region Map in kibana7.6


How to enable region map in kibana 7.6.0
I see in the documentation that xpack.maps.showMapVisualizationTypes to true
I am not sure though where to add this.

Thank you

Hi @saiteja,

you have to add this setting to your kibana.yml file and restart your Kibana server. Then they should show up in the new visualizations dialog.


my kibana is running on docker below is the command i am volume mounting with kibana.yml
but did not worked. still i am not able to see region map. can you please help.

docker run --name logstash --net="host" -it --rm -v "$PWD":/opt/ranger/logs/ logstash -f /opt/ranger/logs/logstash.conf

Judging from your docker command you are trying to mount a config file into the Logstash container instead of Kibana.

Did you copy the wrong command?

yes it was a typo

here is the command

docker run -d --name kibana --network=elastic -v /config/kibana.yml:/opt/ranger/config-dir/kibana.yml -p 5601:5601

According to the config file must be mounted under /usr/share/kibana/config/kibana.yml in the container.

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