How to enable stemmer feature

Hi all, I'm new to Elastic Search.
I'm working on applying stemmer feature on all my indexes, so I used the following code:

settingMap.put("index.analysis.filter.english_stemmer.type", "stemmer");
settingMap.put("", "porter");

Node node = NodeBuilder.nodeBuilder()

Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense. I went through all the official documents, they all teach me how to define a customize stemmer. However, I only want to apply an embedded one.

You can not run elasticsearch embedded. Read this blog post.

Note that to run integration tests (not unit tests) you would probably prefer running that in something close to a production environment, like a real elasticsearch server instance. I shared some ideas about integration testing in this thread: In memory testing with RestHighLevelClient

Also this sample project shows how to use Elasticsearch Test Classes:

Thank you for replying.
I'm using a very old version(2.4.1) and evaluating some tasks.
Do you mean the stemming feature cannot be supported in Embedded mode, if it is, I'll prioritize the upgrading job and migration

Embedding à node is not supported. There's no embedded mode.

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