How to enrich data based on similar values?


Does Elasticsearch has any capability to enrich data based on possible or close match ?

First index:

"name" : "Hamilton Law LLC",
"risk" : "High"

Second index :

"name": "Hamilton Company ",
"description": " This company has been breached for X reason"
"price" : "20 bitcoins"

In this case since, since we do not have control of the company naming convention and the fields are not an exact match, how can we still enrich the second index with the information of the first one ? or is there any other approach I could use like analyzer or correlation to solve this ?

I understand we can normalize the data by lowercasing the field, and removing common words like LLC , Company and INC from both sides, however they will be cases where the names in each side won't be an exact match, but how can we still enrich it ?


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