How to except primary shard to specific node?


I have 8 elasticsearch data node, and they save 200GB indexes per day.
Umm.. indexes replica setting is 1, so, As a result, 400GB indexes will saved.

By the way, I have a focus on elasitcsearch's performance.
If 1 of 8 node is failed, or If I shut down with specific node, cluster will delayed!

And I guess,, Cause of delay is primary node where in terminated node(unassigned node).
So I think, when I shut down node, without primary shard, it will be better performance on the job.

Am I wrong? Or, Elasticsearch have a function to change primary shard location? or, Do you have any plans?
My elasticsearch version is 6.1.2.
Also, I know elasticsearch have routing.allocation.exclude function, but it takes a lot of load to move 300GB shards.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.

If you have a replica shard, then that will be promoted to primary if the original primary goes away. The cluster will then work to reallocate the now missing replica. The only way to stop that would be to have no replicas, which you don't want.

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