How to exclude percolator documents ES 6.x


Greetings...I was playing around with percolator with some great results for my use case...the queries are stored in the same index that I have users querying on for UI data....I realize that a breaking change in 5 caused all the percolator documents to also be returned (unfortunately I have to keep them in the same index(and type, since multiple mapping types is not allowed) with my other documents, so the UI folks will start getting queries back as documents when doing things like empty searches (which they do)...
Is there any way I can stop this from happening? I have control of their requests, as we have a middle tier layer that forwards the requests on to elastic search, I just can't seem to figure out a generic, foolproof way of excluding the percolator queries in the results.

Below is the info I referenced from breaking changes, somewhere in 5.x. I would add that with the changes to multiple mapping types (no longer allowed), I wasn't able to save my queries in another type, or another index than the index they were querying (because the query referenced un-mapped (non-existing) fields.

Percolator documents returned by search
Documents with the .percolate type were previously excluded from the search response, unless the .percolate type was specified explicitly in the search request. Now, percolator documents are treated in the same way as any other document and are returned by search requests.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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