How to execute Lucene query inside Elasticsearch

Hey there,

I'm writing an Elasticsearch plugin. Can someone direct me to the right place how to execute a Lucene query in the Query Builder or Rescoring part from a plugin?

The reason for a Lucene is because I want to apply ML data model in the shard for the number of documents filtered by a query. I know there are existing plugins for that but none of them really works in my business case.

Is there any way to access Lucene from custom query builder (from a plugin):

public class MyCustomQueryPlugin extends Plugin implements SearchPlugin {	
   public List<QuerySpec<?>> getQueries() {

       return singletonList(
               new QuerySpec<>(MyCustomQueryBuilder.NAME, MyCustomQueryBuilder::new, MyCustomQueryBuilder::fromXContent)

Registering your own query builder means you will have a custom query type you can run, where the Query produced by the query builder is a Lucene construct. Anything should be possible from there. Can you further describe what you are trying to accomplish?

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