How to export Kibana (Dashboards, Visualizations and Searchs) from Command line (e.g curl) to json file

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I have Kibana 6.2.3 installed on my nodes and I wanted to know how I can export (Dashboards, Visualizations and Searchs) to a JSON file in order to backup the définitions in a versionning control system like git.

I wanted to make a script that will export the data in json file and after pushing it to git.

Is there a way i can query from elasticsearch the .kibana index to extract those data ?

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The objects are saved in the .kibana index in ES. You can just query the ES cluster and parse the result, but it will imply some work.
There is also a Saved Object API: but we cannot guarantee it won't change over time. It's work in progress pretty much, but usable.

Thanks for the response !

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