How to express Watcher condition on a field which has a numeric key (which has a decimal point in it)?

Hi I am trying to set a condition for a watch that looks at a percentile of the response time of the API. The problem is that the field I need to look at in the tree has the value of "90.0" since this is how ES returns percentile values.

I have tried all combinations even using ['90.0'] to no avail. Problem is I cannot use something like this: [note I was able to change the agg name from "1" to "nth" but cannot do the same with the percentile]

How can I set this watch? I cannot find anyway, appreciate your help.

the below worked for me:

"input": { "search": { "request": { "search_type": "query_then_fetch", "indices": [ "logstash-syslog-*" ], "types": [], "body": { "size": 0, "aggs": { "percentiles": { "percentiles": { "field": "my_numeric_field", "percents": [ 1, 5, 25, 50, 75, 95, 99 ] } } } } } } }, "condition": { "script": { "inline": "if (ctx.payload.aggregations.percentiles.values[\"99.0\"] > 0) return true;return false;" } }

Ali, it appears that implementing the same check using watcher compare is not working, one of our developer found out and it is most likely a bug. using scripting for now is a valid workaround.

Thank you!

Do I need to enable scripting? Because it is not enabled.

Hi Aliostad,

For the example that Antonio shared, you do need to enable scripting.

However, it's easy to make the percentiles aggregation return it's results in a slightly different format that you can use with the compare condition. If you add "keyed":true to the percentiles aggregation, the results will come back in an array with keys and values, which are easy to parse.

In fact, I demonstrated doing this in a Webinar in July :slight_smile: You can skip to around 30:00 to see the example an how I used it:

Hope that helps!


Awesome!! Thanks a lot.
And I think you meant "keyed":false but I got it!