How to extract data from string filed "message"

(Chaitanya Nallapati) #1

Data is populating in message files as below and I would like to extract logger_name and HOSTNAME and use them as fields. How can I achieve Kibana. Please advise,


{"@timestamp":"2017-05-03T18:54:45.598+00:00","@version":1,"message":"6830ea85-ec1e-4415-979f-ccdc939cc00 CrudApi.linkAddress success AddressUsageResponse(List(AddressLinks(f9850235-3031-11e7-a0e9-0e81abc67630,9422531-3031-11e7-a0e9-0e81abc67630)))","logger_name":"services.futurestate.impl.FsrClaimService","thread_name":"","level":"DEBUG","level_value":10000,"HOSTNAME":"1badc6a6d357","application.home":"/op/docker"}

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

This is typically done at ingest time, e.g. through ingest node or Logstash.

(system) #3

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