How to extract my Search Query Responses into my Desktop

Hello Folks,
Can Sombody help me , how can i get the result (responses ) of my Search Query wich i wrote on " Kibana Dev Tools Console " into Desktop (Something like extract the Query Result), Example,

GET test-2019.03.18/_search
"query": {
"match": {
"word": "Hello"

with this example it shows me 9 hits, where that word "Hello" exsist.
Now i need to get this Result on my Desktop as good as possible.(Something like to get it in a text Format or Whatever).

Is that Possible?
Is it Possible to get Just the hits Result (Just the Fields wich Contains the World "Hello" nothing else , nothing like @timestamp or "Path" or "_Version" , just the Fields "word" with its Hits).
Is there any Tool supporting writing Search Query and saving or extracting Responses of this Querys except Kibana Dev Tools Console???

For any Idea i will be Thankful.
any Updates?

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