How to extract the data?

Below is the data in json :-1:

"_source": {
"notification": {
""eventDescription": "[Monitored alert priority >=4] [***] [https://***] [The application powershell.exe is executing a fileless script or command.] [Incident id: ***] [Threat score: 4] [Group: ******] [Email: ****] [Name: ******] [Type and OS: WINDOWS Windows 10 x64] [Severity: Monitored]\n","

I want parse the data of eventDescription field. Help is needed.

From where you wanted to parse the data ? Can you mention it little bit clearly ..Are you trying to parse the data from elasticsearch to somewhere else ??


From logstash.

You can use the kv filter's include_keys option to parse only the particular field from logstash to elastic search .
refer :
Hope it helps.

@Gmoathi.. Didnt work..

The message is delimited using [ and ], so I would use a dissect filter for that.

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@Badger, i will check and get back to you

dissect filter helps me to extract it..

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