How to figure out field type?

I've added some data to my ES.

JSON format:

"site" : "",
"name" : "amount-active-users",

"daily" : {
"dataX": [1,2,3],
"dataY": [1388538061, 1388624461, 1388710861],


If you look at dataX field, it's an array. ES interprets it as an array on

Now when I add another JSON doc with dataX being doubles I'm not sure on
the Java side how to know when the input is in format
criptDocValues.Doubles or criptDocValues.Longs
I would like data to be interpreted as doubles all the time.

This is the terrible code I use to case but it's not working after adding
the doubles to the dataX field:

List dataXTimeSeries2Long= ((ScriptDocValues.Doubles)
List dataXTimeSeries2 = new ArrayList();
//reverse TS so that it matches order of series retrieved via
client() - ya those are reversed
for(int i=dataXTimeSeries2Long.size()-1; i>-1; i--){

//using toStr is slow

This code fails with a class cast exception:
cannot be cast to
org.elasticsearch.index.fielddata.ScriptDocValues$Doubles]; }]
I can do that in Scala. Java is behind.


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