How to filebeat logs in all levels?


I'm trying to have filebeat create logs in all the levels (info, error, debug etc) in order to debug it's work, but I don't understand how to edit the .yml config file correctly in order to make this happen.
Can someone help me?

Just change "warning" in the example in the documentation to "debug" and you should get what you want.

If that doesn't help, please show your current configuration. Format it as code with the </> toolbar button so that indentation won't be lost.

I think you will also need to enable one or more selectors.

  level: debug
  selectors: [*]

The documentation says

If debug is used, but no selectors are configured, the * selector will be used.

and the OP was interested in debug messages so I assumed no selector would be necessary.

Good point. I should read the docs more closely. :relaxed:

Thanks to all of you, I did miss the selectors part...
now I found my problem, filebeat can't connect to elasticsearch.